History Of UEFA European Football Championship

First played in 1960 under the name of UEFA European Nations Cup, the possibility of this well known European football association was first proposed by Henri Delaunay in 1927 who was an individual from French Football Federation. At long last in 1960, his fantasy transformed into the real world and the competition was held in France. In his honor, the competition prize was named as Henri Deluanay Trophy. 17 groups took part out of which three groups didn’t played-West Germany, England and Italy. Among the 14 leftover groups, USSR advanced into the last and won the main competition prize by outmaneuvering Yugoslavia by 2-1.

From that point onward, the name of this competition was changed to European Football Championship in 1968 and afterward starting around 1992, this competition became well known as Euro. Held once in like clockwork; measurable reports show that this is the third most famous games competition on the planet later Olympic Games and World Cup. Up to this point, 13 competitions had been played and this Euro 2012 is the fourteenth meeting. Germany is the best group in this competition who had been in the last multiple times and won title multiple times.

In 1964, Spain was the host of the competition with 29 groups taking an interest in the competition. The host prevailed with regards to sacking the title by overcoming the last time champion USSR by 2-1.

In 1968, the competition name was reexamined however the organization stayed same with two new groups. Held in Italy, the title additionally went to the host country when they crushed Yugoslavia in a replay match by 2-0. The most striking episode in that year was a coin throw to choose a semi-last match. This coin throw was the first and the main time episode in Euro history.

Belgium was the host in 1972 when West Germany (presently Germany) won the last beating Soviet Union by 3-0.

1976 competition was held in Yugoslavia and that was the last year to put an end for two things-have group must be in the last and four groups qualifying in the last. That year is additionally outstanding for the recently presented punishment shootout. Czechoslovakia won the last.

The following competition in 1980 was coordinated in another organization in Italy. The idea of gathering came up and eight groups partook with victors of each gathering getting into the end of the season games and afterward to the last. West Germany won indeed and this was their subsequent title.

In 1984, the idea of semi-last likewise arisen which gave absolutely another arrangement to this competition. France won the competition by crushing Spain in 2-0. Michel Platini was then the Captain of France who was a great player of the competition. He scored 9 objectives in 5 matches.

The twice champion, West Germany facilitated the 1988 competition where Netherlands crushed the host to win the title. This year is as yet considered as a heavenly year in football history in light of the fact that Marco van Basten made an astounding objective over the goalkeeper directly from the conservative.

Then, at that point, in Sweden in 1992 when European Football Championship became Euro 1992 interestingly! Denmark won the association by overcoming brought together Germany by 2-0. Yugoslavia was not permitted to take an interest in the competition that year as they were in a condition of war.  พนัน online

16 groups took an interest in UEFA Euro 1996which was coordinated in England. Germany removed recently shaped state Czech Republic by 2-1 and packed away one more title prize for the third time. Be that as it may, for bound together Germany, this was the initial time.

Belgium and Netherlands were the host for Euro 2000 when France was the sovereign of football. True to form by the whole world, France again prevailed with regards to holding their situation as champion when they crushed Italy by 2-1.

The title prize of UEFA Euro 2004, held in Portugal, was won by Greece who crushed the host group by 1-0 in the last.

Switzerland and Austria, again two nations facilitated UEFA Euro 2008 where Spain crushed Germany by 1-0 in the last to turn into the hero.

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