Seven Interesting Facts About the Quarterbacks of the Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have had an all over presence since they came into expert football in 1968. Throughout the long term however, one thing that the group has normally consistently had was a quarterback that was appraised essentially as awesome. Here is a gander at eight obscure, yet interesting bits of trivia about the quarterbacks of the Cincinnati Bengals.

– In 2007, Carson Palmer set the Cincinnati Bengals record for most passing yards in a single year with 4,131.

– In 1999, Jeff Blake scrambled for 332 all out yards. This is the most hurrying yards any Bengals quarterback has collected at any point ever in one season.

– The principal score pass Ken Anderson tossed in the NFL was a 5 yarder in the fourth quarter of a 20-17 misfortune to the Green Bay Packer in 1971. It was tossed to collector Eric Crabtree.

– The main score pass of long-lasting Bengals quarterback Turk Schonert’s profession arrived in a 34-14 success over the Green Bay Packers during the 1983 season. It was a two yard pass tossed to wide collector Cris Collinsworth. เว็บพนันบอล สมัครฟรี

– The main TD pass that Sam Wyche tossed as a quarterback in the National Football League came during his freshman season while he was with the Bengals. It was a final quarter pass that went for 68 yards to collector Paul Robinson.

– Bengals quarterback Jeff Blake tossed 93 score passes while with the group. He additionally tossed score passes as an individual from five other NFL groups, they were the Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, and Philadelphia Eagles.

– In their set of experiences, the Cincinnati Bengals have drafted five quarterbacks in the first round of the National Football League Draft. Greg Cook was chosen with the fifth in general pick in 1969, Jack Thompson was picked with the third by and large pick in 1979, David Klingler was picked with the 6th generally speaking pick in 1992, Akili Smith with the third in general pick in 1999, and Carson Palmer with the main by and large pick in 2003.

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