Who is the San Diego Chargers Great Philip Rivers’ Favorite Receiver?

Philip Rivers is one of the most brilliant best in class star quarterbacks in the whole National Football League. Some might even say that he is as of now not an up and comer, however that he is as of now one of the stars in the association. He has played very well during his concise vocation and is a fan top choice of the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers appear to improve and better every single year, and a large part of the credit has a place with their incredible youthful quarterback. 7m

In Philip Rivers first full season as the beginning quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, he finished an entirely good 22 score passes. He finished 21 the following year and afterward truly illuminated it with 34 TD tosses in 2008. Last year he tossed 28 score passes, again an awesome year. This sort of hurler in the pocket makes it significantly simpler on the running match-up as well. He has been honored with having some incredible beneficiaries to work with also. Who however has been his number one recipient during his NFL profession?

Through the 2009 NFL season, no player has gotten more score passes than tight end Antonio Gates. His 32 score passes to Gates puts him seven in front of the number two name on that rundown. The Chargers have had great seasons since Philip Rivers turned into the beginning quarterback, yet a ton of that credit ought to likewise go to the incredible beneficiaries the group has had as well. With Rivers and this stockpile of skilled ball catchers, the Chargers ought to be an amazing powerhouse for at some point.

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