The Best Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Running Backs of All Time

The Kansas City Chiefs started out in proficient football in 1960 as one of the establishing individuals from the American Football League. They had some quick achievement, and from that point forward have had a sound stock of both great and awful years. En route, some incredible players have prepared for them as well, including Len Dawson, Priest Holmes, Trent Green, Derrick Thomas, Tony Gonzalez, Christian Okoye, Abner Haynes, Neil Smith, Stephone Paige, Trent Green, Larry Johnson, Joe Montana, and Marcus Allen.

The Chiefs have consistently appeared to have somewhere around a fair running match-up. Since they came into the association however, who has been the group’s best newbie running back?

The main five freshman running backs in Kansas City Chiefs history:

#5 – Herman Heard – 1984

Subsequent to being drafted in the third round by the Chiefs, Herman Heard proceeded to do genuinely well, conveying the ball multiple times during his freshman season for 684 yards. His four hurrying scores likewise helped the group out. สูตรบาคาร่า ใช้ได้จริง

#4 – Mike Garrett – 1966

Mike Garrett went to the Chiefs as a late round determination in the 1966 AFL Draft. He proceeded to convey the ball multiple times for 801 yards. He likewise scored six surging scores.

#3 – Robert Holmes – 1968

Robert Holmes was another late draft pick, this time from the fourteenth round, that wound up paying off for the Chiefs during his youngster season. He conveyed the ball multiple times that year and acquired 866 yards while scoring seven surging scores.

#2 – Abner Haynes – 1960

During the 1960 season, when the group was as yet known as the Dallas Texans, they had a youngster running back named Abner Haynes who they had drafted in the fifth round. He conveyed the ball that season multiple times for 875 yards and nine scores.

#1 – Joe Delaney – 1981

The Chiefs had utilized a second round pick in 1981 on Joe Delaney and it took care of for sure. Delaney might have just scored three scores that season, yet he conveyed the ball multiple times for 1,121 yards. Through the 2009 season, he is as yet the main tenderfoot running back to at any point have 1,000 yard season for the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, before the beginning of what might have been his third season in the NFL, Delaney kicked the bucket while endeavoring to save three kids from suffocating.

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