The Top Five Cincinnati Bengals Quarterbacks of All Time

The Cincinnati Bengals came into the National Football League in 1968. They had an intense go of it from the get-go, not posting any genuine fruitful numbers until the last part of the 1970’s and mid 1980’s. They would ultimately show up in various Super Bowls and become exceptionally famous, and not simply in their own locale.

One of the main situations on the football field is quarterback. Each hostile play, beside a couple of stunt plays, begins with the quarterback getting the ball. How a quarterback completes the game as far as passing yards as a rule immensely affects how the group did that day. When positioning via profession passing yards, who are the main five Cincinnati Bengals quarterbacks ever?

#1 – Ken Anderson – 32,838 yards

Ken Anderson played with the group through the 1970’s and mid 1980’s, and had a couple of seasons where he set up some really extraordinary numbers. คาสิโนแนะนำ

#2 – Boomer Esiason – 27,149 yards

Boomer Esiason went to the group during the 1980’s and was quickly famous and effective.

#3 – Carson Palmer – 18,724 yards (through the 2009 season)

Carson Palmer came to Cincinnati out of USC in the mid 2000’s and quickly set up a good foundation for himself as one of the most amazing youthful quarterbacks in the association.

#4 – Jeff Blake – 15,134 yards

Jeff Blake couldn’t break into the starter’s job with the New York Jets, however subsequent to going to the Bengals he was dreaded around the association for the two his arm strength and his capacity to run the football as well.

#5 – Jon Kitna – 10,707 yards

Jon Kitna demonstrated to not exclusively be an effective beginning quarterback while with Cincinnati, yet additionally to be an extraordinary partner as he was a unimaginable lockerroom impact and coach to Carson Palmer.

The Bengals have had other striking quarterbacks on their programs over the course of the years as well, including David Klingler, Jack Thompson, Turk Schonert, Neil O’Donnell, Scott Mitchell, Jay Schroeder, Gus Frerotte, and even Sam Wyche who might proceed to be the lead trainer of the group. None of them however would pass the 10,000 yard mark like those best five players recorded previously.

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