Rene Higuita – The Goalkeeper That Changed Football

Rene Higuita, conceived José René Higuita Zapata on the 27 August 1966 is known the world over for being one of the most outstanding objective guardians of the past age, if not record-breaking. So what is it the makes Rene so notable and appreciated? It’s undeniably true that he obviously had some incredible goalkeeping abilities (like fast responses, extraordinary taking care of, incredible situating and focus), however there is something else to Rene’s down then that, as we’ll before long find. สูตรเเทงบอลสเต็ป

At the point when I initially saw a video of Rene Higuita (unfortunately he was somewhat before my time) I was astounded. He played like no other objective attendant that I have at any point seen (and I watch a ton of football), as he is so agreeable ready and regularly spills the ball directly out to the midway line. You may think this is an extremely risky move for a goalkeeper, but since Rene had such uncommon ball control and ability, he seldom (if at any point) lost the ball, so his essence out on pitch was practically similar to playing with 12 men rather than 11.

The exemplary Rene Higuita second is when Columbia were playing England in an agreeable (he played for Columbia, obviously) and England had a shot from far out. The ball gave off an impression of being flying right by Rene and into the rear of the net before he dispatched himself forward, flicking his legs sack noticeable all around and kicking the ball away. This move has always been known as the ‘scorpion kick’, since his legs emulated that of a scorpion’s tail.

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