How to Have a Cheap Holiday in the Sunny South of France

How to Have a Cheap Holiday in the Sunny South of France


Now when you say the South of France, you think of the glamour of the film festival in Cannes and the glitz of the casinos and Formula  summer holidays 2021 One in Monaco, but you do not think of Marseille. If someone says to you, “I’m going to the South of France,” you automatically assume that they’re going to the South-East, but why not explore the South-West. It can give you a cheap holiday in France.

Less Tourists! More French! More To Do! Far Cheaper! Why wouldn’t you go to this part of France? But where to fly to?

You have the option of flying to either Monetpellier or Marseille. In my experience, you can get cheap flights to Marseille so if you are looking for an ultra cheap holiday in France then go for Marseille. But what are these places like?

Marseille itself is not the prettiest of French towns, but travel for 30 minutes of the high speed TGV in France and you will find yourself in small pretty towns with a real French community about them. Get yourself booked into a local B&B or Gites in this part of the region and you will have forgotten about all that artificial fakery in the South-East of France. This is the real way to experience France… With the French.

Another great advantage to traveling to this part of the South of France is that within a couple of hours, you can be in Spain — Which in itself is another whole holiday. This is why traveling to the South of France can be cheap.

If you fly to the right city, stay in the right pretty towns and get used to the way the French TGV trains work then you can have an enjoyable and more importantly cheap holiday in France.

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