Need Help Getting Pregnant Now?

Need Help Getting Pregnant Now?


Some couples may never need any help getting pregnant; pregnancy may seem normal as eating, drinking and breathing. Some couples on the other hand may require a little help in conceiving let alone knowing when the woman is fertile and ready to conceive a child. With technology  حوامل in our hands, there seem to be a great success in conceiving a child through artificial means. The downside for these methods however, is that most are too expensive for a regular person to afford. There are however sensible techniques to help a woman get pregnant. Some of these tips are often taken for granted which stems from the couple’s busy and active lifestyle but are nevertheless very important if one needs help getting pregnant.

• A change in lifestyle is imminent if you really want to get pregnant right away. A woman can only conceive a child before she reaches her menopausal years so if you want help getting pregnant then it has to start right now. Any unhealthy habits must go like smoking, drinking, drugs and night outs. These negative habits greatly decrease your chances of conceiving and for males, these habits directly affect the health of your sperm and your sperm count as well. Aside from pregnancy, stopping these negative habits will also increase your energy, improve overall body function and help you achieve more in life.

• Caffeine is another factor that reduces the body to absorb elemental iron which is needed for healthy blood. Lack of iron in females increases the chances of stillbirth. It is not just ditching coffee, teas and caffeinated drinks or colas must also be avoided.

• Stress is one of the major reasons why most busy and active couples fail to conceive. If you want help getting pregnant try reducing stress and tension in your life. You may try relaxation activities, meditation, leisure activities and sports together. Take time to have the right amount of sleep in a day as well. With less stress and tension, your body and mind will both be ready to get pregnant. If a busy or hectic schedule is one of your daily stressors, make a schedule to be able to have time for relaxation and fun. For all you know, a vacation or a couple’s retreat is the answer to all your pregnancy woes!

• Research on infertility in women has shown that women who are infertile have very low levels of the hormone leptin. Leptin levels decreases when a woman has lack of sleep. It is important therefore that women who needs help getting pregnant, to get the usual 8 hours of sleep in a day.

• A weight problem (being overweight and underweight) is another factor that decreases the chances of couples to get pregnant. There is an ideal weight for both male and female; recent studies show that couples with the ideal body weight can conceive faster than those with weight problems. Women whose body mass index is below 20 or above 30 may find it hard to conceive so if your BMI falls anywhere in the red zone, then it is time to lose weight or build up on weight so you can get pregnant soon.

• There are researches regarding the effect of exposure to pesticides being one of the major reasons why women find it hard to get pregnant. A pesticide called methoxychlor (a DDT derivative) reduces estrogen levels in women and testosterone levels in men. This pesticide is sprayed on crops to get rid of insects that destroy plants. Therefore, it is important to purchase and eat organic foods instead. Eating naturally grown food may help boost your health and maintain your hormone levels. If you want help getting pregnant then ditch the processed and commercially grown foods and try growing and eating organic vegetables and fruits.

• One of the most important factors that most couples are unaware of is that timing is everything in pregnancy. It is the best time to conceive a child when the woman is ovulating. Sure signs that a woman is ovulating is when she has tender breasts, has cervical discharge that appear thinner and is stretchy, painful and bloated abdomen and a noticeable increase in basal body temperature (about ½ to 1 degree). You may try using an over the counter ovulation test kit to help you know if you are indeed ovulating But if you are not certain when these days are then go for the record and have sex more often! This is a sure fire help in getting pregnant.

• After sexual intercourse, it is important for a woman to lie low for a while. Let sperm take their time to move and swim upstream. You may try a different position for intercourse that may help sperm move as well. A missionary position (where the man is on top) is one of the best ways to become pregnant since the sperm can enter and swim to the uterus without any effort at all.

• A woman’s vagina must be a sperm-friendly environment with no chemicals that may destroy sperm on purpose. Avoid using sprays, scented lubricants, douches and scented tampons that can alter the normal acidic environment of the vagina. Simple water and mild soap may be enough to cleanse the vagina.

• Having healthy and numerous sperm count is another factor to increase a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. Sperm need adequate temperature and pH levels to survive. A perfect way to make sure sperm are healthy and viable is for men to wear boxers instead of briefs. Briefs move the scrotum closer to the body where it is warmer than usual and killing sperm in the process. A man also has a higher chance to impregnate a woman in the morning when the sperm count is at its highest.

It is also important to seek the help of a professional regarding the best technique or additional advice if you need help getting pregnant. If you have been trying for the past 12 months and have done most of these techniques to no avail, then it may be time to consider a professional’s opinion for assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment for infertility.

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