3D Broadcast Monitors and 3D Converters, Perfect Equipment for the Post Production Process

Guaranteeing you select the best hardware for 3D media creation is no simple undertaking. With the consistent expansion in 3D innovation, picking the ideal equipment for your creation can be awesome.

3D Broadcast Monitors

3D broadcast screens are intended to use a 3D round polariser channel, considering top notch, gleam free, full shading 3D checking. Nowadays, numerous 3D screens come total with 3D glasses and can likewise be utilized for 2D seeing.

Settled providers of media hardware offer 3D screens which can be utilized without glasses. Screens by Marshall Electronics, the main maker for master broadcast gear, incorporate plans, for example, the OR-70-3D, a screen furnishing unrivaled 3D pictures with 1600 x 600 screen goal. This 3D 여캠 broadcast screen additionally gives double waveform, vectorscope and other 3D investigation highlights, for example, checkboxes and mixing.

In case you’re searching for a top quality 3D broadcast screen with high goal, 3G-SDI contribution with circle through, work area stand and controller, the Marshall OR-70-3D screen is the plan for you.

3D Convertors

3D converters are ideal for changing over 2D film or video creations into 3D designs. With the expansion in 3D movies and TV programs, 3D change is currently getting increasingly more typical since shooting in 3D requires profoundly costly 3D hardware. The Dimension 3D by Doremi Labs, is the ideal transformation arrangement. The plan acknowledges HDMI data sources and yields and is incredibly adaptable, finding a way into practically all stereoscopic work processes.

The plan permits you to handily change over a stereoscopic camera rig yield to recorders and presentations, empowering super load 3D projection through a HDMI design. Group the Dimension 3D with a Doremi Nugget or V1 worker for a moderate 3D playout arrangement.

Doremi Labs is a worldwide engineer and producer of gear, for example, videodisk recorders, workers and converters for broadcast after creation, advanced film and Pro-Av enterprises. The Los Angeles based organization has been running since 1985 and are continually stretching out their reach to stay aware of the most recent computerized video innovation.

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