Public Relations for Mobile Dog Groomers

Public Relations for Mobile Dog Groomers  

Getting publicity and developing a great public relations campaign is not always so easy, especially if you are in an obscure type of business. Community good will is important indeed, but it is not so easy for all types of businesses, such as unique service companies.   dog grooming fort wayne

   Let’s say a Mobile Dog Groomer.

What can a mobile dog grooming company do to promote themselves in the local business community and what can they do which will be newsworthy and eventful and will garnish positive PR?

Well why not join a neighborhood mobile watch patrol in the area and help your dog grooming business take a bite out of crime? Why you ask? Well consider the business model for a second if you will;

MOBILE DOG GROOMERS: These business owners are usually small independents and have a sense of community pride. They are in gated communities as well as residential neighborhoods. They know animal people, ranchers, horse owners, vets. They see and hear about animal abuses. They park in neighborhoods for hours grooming dogs. Can you see why this makes a perfect undercover type look out for community policing and why you can help curb crime while parked grooming dogs. Please consider all this in 2006.

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