Condom Standards Convention 2007

There has been a need to set better and more practical standards about condoms. That is because there are about 80 manufacturers globally that collectively make and distribute about 12 billion condoms each year. In the future, it is also expected that condom production would be far more than current levels.

Close to 100 experts, manufacturers and policy makers from about 콘돔 50 different nations worldwide convened in the Jeju Island in South Korea for the 24th convention about condom standards. The International Organization for Standardization held the summit to discuss major issues that surround the condom making industry.

The condom conference was able to focus further on how manufacturers would further boost and ensure the safety and quality of the products produced. Because the market is expected to grow in the near future, the standards tribunal wants to make sure the condoms to be produced would be appropriate and would be effective in helping curtail and contain the spread of the deadly sexually transmitted diseases.

The global standards convention for condom production also tackled issues regarding size. Though, it is not much of equal importance as safety and quality, condom sizes also need further attention. That is because there is a rising number of complaints regarding condom sizes. There is a common size or standard size of condoms available in the markets. But there are complaints over condom sizes that do not fit many men. Experts said it can also be possible that breakage and tearing off would result from sizes that are too large. There is also a strong discomfort if the condom used is too tight.


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