Commercial Agents – 4 Techniques for Selling Commercial Property Today

Commercial Agents – 4 Techniques for Selling Commercial Property Today


When it comes to selling commercial property today, it is fundamentally important to ensure that the correct method of sale is selected. This is where the professional real estate agent will advise the owner of the property and give examples of the alternative   gewerbeimmobilien verkaufen    methods of sale.

Not all methods of sale work well at the same time, on the same property. The best method of sale for the property promotion should be the one that attracts the buyers to the property and encourages them to act in the sale. If the wrong method of sale is chosen, the buyers will find the sale process frustrating and will be inclined to sit back and wait to see how the property promotion evolves.

Time is of the essence when it comes to implementing a property marketing campaign. If you cannot capture and encourage the enquiry within the first six weeks of the marketing campaign, it is likely that the property enquiry will slow and diminish. That is why most of the marketing money is spent at the front of the campaign rather than being spread across a lengthy period of time.

The techniques for selling commercial property are the methods of sale and here are the four main methods consider:

Selling a property at a price tends to be the preferred method of sale for many vendors. The vendor scan set their price at the beginning of the campaign with some margin for movement in negotiation. This therefore removes the threat of the unknown when it comes to price establishment. Unfortunately a property that is taken to the market by this method will usually take time to sell as there is no urgency in the sale process. The buyers can take the time and look at a number of properties before they will make any offer on the subject property. Overpriced properties may not even get an offer.


Selling a property by auction is more desirable when it comes to momentum and encouraging buyers to act. It should also be said that not all properties auction well. The best properties to take to auction are those that are attractive and in demand. An unusual property with limited buyer interest should not be taken to auction. As part of the auction campaign it is wise to structure a vendor paid marketing package that comprehensively promotes the property into the target audience. Normally this would be a vendor marketing commitment of about 1% of the expected sale price.


Selling a commercial property by tender is quite common. Like the auction process, the tender method allows for a time based method of sale. The advantage of the tender method is that the tenderers do not know who else is partaking in the tender process and what the other bids are. From a seller’s perspective, the tender process allows them to have significant control through a time based method of sale. Ultimately the seller does not have to accept any of the tendered prices or the terms of the tenderers. Normally it is the case that the seller will set the terms and conditions of the tender process. Any tenderer that steps outside those conditions will be classed as an noncompliant tender and would not normally be considered in the final assessment of tenders.


Selling by expressions of interest is a process that applies to unusual commercial properties. They may be the properties that have limited buyer interest, or have an unusual buyer target market from outside the normal location and area. That may be because they are unusual by way of price, improvements, location, or property usage. Expressions of interest are usually sourced and advertised over a fixed time period and marketing campaign. At the end of the time frame, the expressions that have been lodged with the vendor will be separately assessed and could be quite variable when it comes to the terms and conditions that will be acceptable to the vendor. Under the expressions of interest process, the vendor has greater flexibility to negotiate with a number of parties until such time as satisfactory terms and conditions of contract can be finalised.


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