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If you’re using article marketing to drive traffic to your website, learning some basic editing skills will save your life when it involves creating articles that readers will enjoy reading and publishers will want to publish. this text will show you 7 essential editing steps every article marketer should know.


Tip #1: Put your article away for a couple of days then check out it with fresh eyes.


This is what I always tell folks, and from my very own experience i do know that giving my brain a rest essay reddit and completely wiping the article from my mind helps me spot errors that I glanced right over just a couple of days prior. Ideally, you’d write a primary draft, put it aside for a couple of days, edit, then forgot your final draft for few days, then re-read it before you submit your article.


Tip #2: Print your article on paper.


There is something about holding a bit of writing in your hands and reading it *away* from the pc that helps with the editing process. i will be able to usually print out whatever writing piece I’m performing on the night before, then subsequent morning I’ll sit at the table with a red pen close at hand. I’ll edit my article by hand, then enter my changes within the computer.


Tip #3: Read your article aloud .


This is one among the foremost useful techniques i exploit . It’s amazing the subtle phrasing awkwardness or grammar mistakes you’ll notice just by reading your article aloud .


Tip #4: Remove every word, sentence or paragraph that may not absolutely necessary.


Every word, sentence, and paragraph must *earn* a spot in your article. an extended article is nothing to brag about if it’s longer than it must be. the last word goal is to craft a piece of writing that conveys precisely the information you would like to urge across in as few words as possible.


Tip #5: Use vocabulary that’s easily digestible.


Did you recognize that the majority newspapers are purposely written on a 2nd grade level? Journalists aren’t trying to insult the intelligence of their readers; they only want to form their articles as easy to read as possible. Follow within the footsteps of the pros– chop out all fancy words, niche jargon and pretentious phrasing. you ought to write in an approachable way that everybody can understand.


Tip #6: Customize your writing to suit the medium of article marketing.


Sometimes I’ll run into folks who complain that the word count limit of most article directories is just too short. You see, they need a ten page essay that has won awards, and that they desire chopping any little bit of it’ll compromise the integrity of the piece. I always tell folks that their article must be customized to suit the medium. Article marketing publishers aren’t trying to find 10 page essays, and readers won’t read all that anyway!


So, if you’ve got some pre-made content, sort of a book or some essays that you simply ‘ve got written that you know are of fantastic quality, know that you simply will got to alter that content to suit article marketing. Most directories have a word count limit of around 400-1500 words, so re-work your content to suit within those boundaries.


Tip #7: Create two articles out of 1 if necessary.


Word count may be a big deal when you’re doing article submissions, so you would like to make certain that your article fits within the publisher’s word count limitations. For optimum results, try keeping your article within 700-800 words.


Yes, there’s a “sweet spot” word count range! Quality articles that are 700-800 words have the simplest chance of getting picked up for publication.


If you’re aiming for the word count sweet spot, you’ll got to change your ‘Top 10’ list article into two ‘Top 5’ list articles, or re-work your 1500 word article into two 750 word articles. When splitting a piece of writing into two, each article should be a stand alone article. Each article should be complete in itself because a reader won’t necessarily read both articles, and articles written in parts aren’t as attractive to ezine editors.


I hope the following pointers were helpful to you! These are editing tips that the pros use that a writer of any skill level can use too.


Remember, anyone can devour your free reprint article for publication. this suggests your article may appear on websites over which you’ve got no control, potentially for years to return , so it’s well worth ensuring the standard of your article by doing careful editing *before* you submit your article!

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