SMS Long Code Text Messaging – Unified Communication Missing Link Found

SMS Long Code Text Messaging – Unified Communication Missing Link Found



Most of us don’t remember the day when we had to call an operator to connect us to another phone and there are many who have never used a rotary phone. Yes, telecommunications has תקשורת לקוחות דיגיטלית changed significantly from the past. Digital has brought us VOIP where we can deliver our voice, video and data all over the same lines. A recent report by In-Stat said 42 percent of businesses in the United States are currently using a digital platform for communications and by 2013 79 percent of businesses will have gone “digital.” Many of these companies who have adopted the digital platform have integrated their voice, data, email and faxing applications to create a Unified Communications system to more efficiently service their internal needs and their customers.

The above statistics represents the businesses using wired landline telecommunications but leaves out the 91% of Americans using mobile communications. Many of these cell phone users +-300 million have also surrendered their landline phone and on average carry their phone with them 15 – 24 hours a day. These are the same people businesses want to reach out to or provide a convenient service for.

SMS (Short Message Service), or commonly known as texting has been the means for both customer to customer and business to customer communications. Applications like voting, polling, coupons and notifications are common uses for SMS and the Short Code. A Short Code is a 5 or 6 digit number often used by businesses to interact with their existing and prospective customers via text messaging and has been the only means for this type of communications. This means that 91% of the people who may already be a customer or could become a customer sit outside a business’s Unified Communication system because a Short Code can do one thing and one thing only – carry a text message.

The Unified Communication missing link is the Long Code. The Long Code is a phone number enabled with SMS (text messaging). The Long Code bridges the wired and wireless world together and extends the reach of a business to anyone who uses a phone – wired or wireless. Now, whether SMS is being used for enhancing internal communications, marketing or providing a service for customers, it can be integrated into a Unified Communications system. Not only do businesses benefit from the Long Codes efficiencies and capabilities, the cost is a fraction in comparison to using a Short Code for the same application.

Adoption of the Long Code is only limited by the markets awareness that it exists. Companies who become aware of the Long Code find that outside the cost savings, it is also much easier and faster to deploy, thus shortening time to market with a product or campaign and creating a competitive advantage in their respective market.


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